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UV Resistant

Water Resistant

Flame Spread Resistant

Flame Resistant

Mold Resistant

Termite Resistant

Vibration Resistant

100% Recyclable

Light Weight

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We would like to present our building technology based on a new innovative concept

Wall Clic brings to the United States the construction technology of modular walls Goclic through its exclusive licensee Wall Clic USA.

The goal is to meet needs of the construction market, implementing the technological innovation platform that provides longer service life to materials, faster installations with gain in productivity, more attractive costs through the core of PVC walls, antibacterial and recyclable material of centenary duration, and the benefit of Life warranty against mold and termites and other natural problems with the use of woodland.

We are not a construction company. Our goal is to license our technology in all US states. Construction companies, investors, and architects are welcome to join us on this journey in America.
We are a technology company focused on innovation.

Wall Clic is already established in Boca Raton, Florida and will begin operations in this state simultaneously with the state of Texas, where it has projects already underway. All the certifications that we already have in other countries are being redone in the United States.

The technological platform aims to implement sustainable benefits to the construction process, from manufacturing, transportation, logistics, and elimination of periodic maintenance necessary by the decomposition of organic materials still used on a large scale in American construction.

GoClic is a Brazilian company that owns the technology, with more than a decade of experience in the creation and development of constructive innovations. The concept is patented in several countries and since 2017 has had the North American patent.

The reception in the United States has been excellent, since the American consumer is demanding and open to innovations that deliver the promised result also because in the last decade, the American consumer came to know and value very much Shock Windows, also built in PVC with steel or aluminum structure and which already has its characteristic of strength and durability widely recognized in this market.

What Wall Clic does is use the concept of these wall-walled windows being useful for sheds, and any other facilities, from external offices and other buildings based on pillars giving longer service life cycle (delivery Flat Pack), safety and endurance, improvement of indoor air quality, and price and installation time suitable for an innovation that actually delivers what is proposed. 

The future of construction goes through materials and sustainable applications technologies capable to provide greater quality, speed, durability and cost-effective ..

Only then the cost of new housing will not become out of reach in a very few years.

The future is now.

Pedro Chaves Barcellos

Wallclic CEO

Main Benefits

Embark on a clean-powered building platform, trim your massive carbon footprint.
Optimize logistics, emphasize speed to market and become economically sustainable.

Fast Assemble

Wallclic modular and prefabricated systems reproduce the auto manufacturing plant method. The building kits are transported to the construction site where the panels are easily installed to the structural frame. This assembly method reduces waste and improves productivity.


Due to waste reduction, increased efficiency in production and greater safety for workers, Wallclic building processes and/or mix of technologies are more sustainable than the traditional ones.

Thermal & Acoustic

PVC products can be used in any kind of environment. They are durable, lightweight, easy to maintain and clean, and boast acoustic and thermal comfort. PVC panels are good thermal insulators.


The most common type of materials used in moisture-resistant trim is vinyl and cellular PVC. PVC is 100% water-resistant, moisture and damp proof, washable, and easy to clean and it won’t rot, rust, chip, or warp. It’s anti-mold and insect-proof.


PVC is a great option for termite-proof landscaping. Where other types of materials draw termites toward the foundation of your home, PVC creates a barrier that can help ward of unwanted colonies.

Doesn't Propagate Flames

PVC is considered an anti-flame material because it does not ignite through common fire generating sources, such as sparks.

Zero Waste / Zero Residues

The more off-site the construction is, the lower its impact on environment . Prefabrication and modularization are more eco-friendly processes, because they reduce on-site residues, increase productivity and cost savings, improve quality control, and reduce carbon footprint.

Flexible Projects

Nowadays, PVC has been gaining more and more noble spaces in urban and rural environments, meeting technical and architectural demands of contemporary projects. Be it in new constructions or renovations, PVC has consolidated its use in residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure projects.


The standardization of processes and materials in offsite manufacturing results in high efficiency . Incorporating prefabrication and modular methods in construction optimizes logistics, improves productivity, reduces the risks of delay, increases project scheduling accuracy, and reduces construction costs with labor.

Would you like to optimize Cost & Time in the construction process?

Join us on our journey to make the environment more sustainable. Follow other construction firms and increase the use of technology to create long-lasting products, while increasing safety and reducing footprint. Get higher profit margins and help boost economy through job creation.

Wallclic has the best constructive technologies to help you complete projects on time and under budget. Make the most of Wallclic constructive technologies with our training and certification. Reap the rewards of becoming a certified partner.